Is Gorilla Trekking Safe in Uganda and Rwanda

The safety of tourists in both Rwanda and Uganda is a priority to these two East African destinations. This is because your safety and security is the main concern. Both Uganda and Rwanda are struggling to improve their image that has been tainted by different factors. Gorilla tourism is an investment by the governments of Rwanda and Uganda, the visitors pay for the permits ranging from $ 600 to $1500 and everything is done to keep gorilla trekking visitors safe and secure in the heart of Africa. There have not been any security lapses in both countries for some good years now. Along with well guarded borders, there is the presence of armed guides for your gorilla trek.

The rangers in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park in Uganda, Volcanoes national park are all highly motivated to keep gorilla trekking safe and secure. Conservation in Uganda and Rwanda is at the fore front as security. Gorilla tracking brings in a lot of money to these countries, so the governments have done anything possible to keep it safe and secure.

Rwanda and Uganda are the two safest countries for tracking the mountain gorillas, neither of the country has its African version of drive by shooting, ownership of guns is limited here and one of the safest places to be in either Uganda or Rwanda is on a Gorilla Trek in Bwindi Impenetrable Park, Mgahinga Gorilla Park, and Volcanoes National Park.

The visitors are not allowed to move alone in the national parks, they are always with a guide and armed escort. This is a protective measure that is taken by Uganda and Rwanda for all those who come to visit the mountain gorillas in either country. In case you follow the rules and guidelines for gorilla trekking, you will be safe and secure during your time in the park. The mountain gorillas you are to visit are fully habituated and used to human beings which process take 2 years. Speak slowly while with the gorillas. Don’t use a flash while taking photos since this will startle the gorillas and in case a gorilla charges, don’t run simply crouch down in a submissive manner and the gorilla will stop and retreat.

There are three countries where you can track gorillas and in two of them you do not have a presence of guerrillas near the parks and this is Uganda and Rwanda. The story is different in Virunga national park in DRC of Congo. There has been disorder, attacks on Rangers by Guerrillas and Criminals who are poachers or part of the charcoal Mafia. Many western governments like USA and UK recommend against gorilla tracking in DRC due to continued armed conflicts and a state of lawlessness, but not in Uganda or Rwanda. In spite of potential monetary gains by us, we do not do Safaris into the Eastern Congo due to lack of security.

Both countries have seen their share and violence have rebuilt their countries with the emphasis on safety, security and stability that includes gorilla tracking. It’s safe to track gorillas in Uganda or Rwanda? There have been no incidents of insecurity with in Volcanoes national park in Rwanda, Bwindi impenetrable national park and Mgahinga Gorilla Park. Many of the gorilla trekkers have had their time with the mountain gorillas without any incidence.

One of the safest activities in Africa is gorilla trekking in Uganda or Rwanda; you get to enjoy the magical experience of a lifetime. The reality in Bwindi forest is that neither the US or UK have published Travel advisories about Bwindi impenetrable forest, Mgahinga gorilla park in Uganda or Volcanoes park in Rwanda, there are many travel advisories for the Congo’s Virunga National Park.