Gorilla Safari Holidays in Rwanda

Truly Rwanda is the best gorilla tracking destination worldwide though its Gorilla permits are expensive compared to other countries which host the same voyage. You permitted one hour of photography with the apes an amazing moment which make other travelers to rebook space for the second trek. Being with the most expensive Gorilla permit $750 per person doesn’t mean having the most expensive gorilla safaris in the region.

Rwanda offers affordable low price gorilla safaris to Volcanoes national park every day according to the guests taste and preference. The relaxed joy of adventure comes when you visit a right place and do the right tour activities at a down to earth cost just in line with your planning budget. There are many ways to make your Gorilla tracking tour cheap and affordable in Rwanda no matter how long you stay around the country but all in all going home with excellent memories to cherish.

Travelers differ greatly in taste and preference like as others wish to spend more by dining in high class restaurants and sleep like royals others are just the opposite aright reason for Rwanda being one of the most affordable gorilla tracking tour destination in Africa. Adapting to the new environment and taking things like any other makes you spend less than behaving like a royalty. Look around for group gorilla tours scheduled for the dates of your interest so that you can share transport and accommodation costs with others. Talk to your planner and make sure all the park activities are included in the group program some made optional for those members who don’t feel like taking part in the others. Golden monkey & gorilla tracking, a visit to Dian Fossey, forest nature walk to the twin lakes, hiking the Rwanda Mountains of Karisimbi and Bisoke are the main done activities by tourists to Volcanoes national park. Above all it’s always good to be an easy traveler and you enjoy a very minute of your stay at a pocket friendly cost.

If you that person who like sole trips and doing things at your pase then why not do the one or two days Gorilla tracking safari to volcanoes national park and cut the costs for the third day. The awesome memories will be at hand like the person who did a three days gorilla safari tour to volcanoes national park. Save the dollars on transport and second night accommodation for other adventures, chimpanzee trekking at Nyungwe forest or a leisure beach tour at Lake Kivu. Normally tourists leave Kigali the day for the Gorilla trek very early in the morning and return in the afternoon excited after meeting the sliver back mountain Gorillas in the bamboo forest.

If you decide to do the one day gorilla trek, accommodation at the park won’t bother you since you will have to choose from the many affordable hotel options in Kigali city. Ensure your Gorilla permit and transport is set for the day plus your valid passport. Physical fitness doesn’t matter a lot since unfit people have a chance to track easier Gorilla families. potters are available for hire that is if you feel carrying your bag on the back will give you hard time during the trek. Indeed this trek ranks Rwanda best in all Gorilla tracking countries. Travelers save time and money in every aspect of the trek. The country being well located, some travelers chose to track Gorillas and chimps in multiple destinations a ultimate adventure which isn’t easy to take on cutting across all the three Gorilla home lands, Uganda, Rwanda and Democratic republic of Congo.

Guide to Planning Gorilla Safaris in Rwanda

Rwanda is also known as Republic of Rwanda. It is located a few south of the Equator. It is bordered by countries such as Uganda, Tanzania, Congo and Burundi. The capital of Rwanda is Kigali. A Rwanda safari is very famous among the tourists who visit Rwanda. This is the best way to experience scenic beauty of Rwanda. If you’re thinking about going on a Rwanda safari, then you will find there are many options available for you to choose from.

One of the most popular tours is one where you watch gorillas out in the wild in their own natural habitat. Rwanda safari is the most captivating safari one can experience in their life time in the great country of Africa. It is the precious homeland of one of the most endangered species in the world, the mountain gorillas. Rwanda is also called as the Land of a thousand hills!

A gorilla safari which enables you to sit with a wonderful gorilla for sometime can become the best highlight for any trip to Africa. Given the opportunity to trek the endangered Mountain Gorilla, and there is no doubt to have a direct encounter with these great apes. In order to participate in a gorilla trek, viewing permits must be obtained in advance, and they are extremely limited in number, so advance booking is essential to ensure permits can be obtained. The mountain gorilla is perhaps the World’s most endangered ape, with approximately 700 animals, and they are only found in small portions of protected afro-montane forests in north-west Rwanda, south-west Uganda and the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo.

Gorilla trekking is tightly controlled and regulated for the safety of the visitor and importantly for the safety of the Mountain Gorillas. A maximum of 8 visitors may visit a group of habituated Gorillas on any given day; this minimizes behavioral disturbance and the risk of their exposure to human-borne diseases. When you go on this type of tour you will get the chance to see different groups of gorillas that are extremely rare. The skilled guide will teach you all about the different kinds of gorillas and what is unique about the jungle they are in. Whether you are on a three day, five day, or two week safari, you will not be staying close to the gorillas. The animals are always moving so they must be tracked.

Once found a tourist can only get as close as twenty feet and can only take photos without flash.There are safaris available for all types of different budgets, so everyone can find one they can afford to go on! One can also visit many cultural centres, genocide memorial and the beautiful twin lakes of Ruhundo, Bulera and the great Nyungwe Forest National Park. You can view the grand herds of buffaloes and elephants in the wonderful Akagera National Park.